Music Sync Tank Studio

Music Sync Tank is a Music Production Company and Professional purpose-built Recording Studio.

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Music Sync Tank Studios is Set in the beautiful Welsh Countryside,UK.
It has the Latest Digital Computer Technology alongside some
Truly Classic Analogue Recording Techniques and Equipment.

Two Rooms - Control Room and Recording Area (with Yamaha 5 piece kit)

Neumann U47 fet-i
- an original U47, NOT a re-issue.
AKG C414, Shure SM57, etc.
Headphones - Beyer DT-100, DT-150

Recording Front End - Focusrite Green 3, TLAudio Valve Comp, MOTU 896HD, Mackie 8Bus

Guitar Recording - Fender Twin, TC Electronic Nova, Blackstar Dual HT, Line6 PodPro
Waves GTR 3.5, IK Amplitube 3, NI Guitar Rig 5, PreSonus Ampire

Computer - Apple Mac Pro Dual Quad Core 2.8GHz OS 10.9.5

Sequencer/Recording Software - PreSonus Studio One 3 Pro, Logic Pro X, Steinberg Cubase Pro 8

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate - Full NI Package
Kontakt, Absynth, Massive, Reaktor, Guitar Rig, FM8, Battery.
Full set of NI Plug-ins plus HUGE sound library -
Miroslav Philharmonik, Seidleczek, VSL, Kirk Hunter, Spitfire EVO,
The Grange, Action Strings, Session Strings, Action Strikes, Rise and Hit etc etc

Universal Audio UAD-2 Accelerator Card
LA-2A, 1176, Fairchild, Precision Limiter, Cambridge EQ,
EMT plate, Moog Filter, Dimension D, Transient Designer

Waves Gold Bundle - Industry Standard
Eddie Kramer Tubes, Transistors and Tape and Guitar Channel,
Lo Air, Noise Suppressor, IR1Convolution Reverb, Hybrid Series, Meta Filter,
One Knob Series, Morphoder, Vintage Series, etc etc

Classic T-RackS, Tape Delay, Classic Studio Reverbs, Classic Dynamics,
Linear Phase EQ, Black76, White2A, Opto Comp, 670 Comp, Precision Comp/Lim,
EQ81, Quad Comp, Bus Comp, Quad Image

PSP Audio Mixpack and Stereo Pack Plug-ins

Celemony Melodyne - FULL VERSION
( similar to Auto-tune, but way better)

PreSonus Plug-in Package

Basically, TONS of PLUG-INs and VSTis
(No Cracks or Demo versions)

TL Audio 5021, Lexicon MPX, Alesis Quadraverb,
Kosmos Pro, Akai s5000, Novation Supernova, Roland JV1080

Beautiful 'out of the box' Analogue Summing
with Mackie 56 channel 8 bus console
(quickly becoming a 'vintage' console)

Guitars by Larivee, Chandler, Yamaha

Monitoring - Mackie HR824 mk2
Kenwood Military Spec 4-way Main Monitors
Celestion DL8

No-Compromise Quality from Microphone to Final Mix

Music Sync Tank is designed, built, owned and operated by Gary White -
A BAFTA nominated Sound Engineer, Composer and Producer
with 28 years experience


The best way to see the studio and how I work is to check out this...
'Writing's On The Wall' - Cover Version
Performed, Recorded and Produced by Gary White at Music Sync Tank Studios
Lead Vocal by Julia Coles www.juliacoles.com

Come and hang out with us.
We're nice, it's gosh darn pretty out here, the studio is banging, and we're the best at making you sound flippin' amazing!
+44 (0)7921 162656



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